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Australian Immigration Lawyers Canberra?

Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration

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    Looking for Australian Migration Lawyers ?

    We offer you more than just a typical law firm


    Our Conveyancing team has years of experience dealing with all aspects of conveyancing transactions. We’ve acted for buyers, sellers, lenders and developers in residential and commercial conveyancing matters. Our team of experts will take the stress out of this important decision for you

    Personal Injury Litigation

    Arguably Canberra’s best personal injury litigators call Maxwell & Co home. We act for individuals who have been injured in a variety of unfortunate circumstances – for example, work accidents, slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence matters and other public liability matters. Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing, and you don’t always know what your rights are. We will work closely with you and make sure you understand your options while we put your best case forward.

    Family Law

    Legal issues may arise at any stage either before, during or after your relationship. We can guide you through this often difficult time and provide you with honest, empathetic advice to try and keep you out of a bitter dispute in the courtroom. But if you are unable to resolve your dispute before the Court becomes involved, our sound legal advice and strong litigation skills will ensure that your side of the story is put before the Court for a just resolution.

    Wills, Estate Planning & Probate

    You know what they say – life only has two certainties: death and taxes! Maxwell & Co can guide you when deciding on how (and more importantly, to whom) your hard earned wealth and asset portfolio is to be transferred upon your death to ensure your peace of mind. We will provide advice on a variety of legal structures that will ensure that your estate is handed down precisely how you want it to be.

    Migration Law

    Talk to the team at Maxwell & Co about how we can assist you with obtaining a visa or where entry to Australia as a permanent resident is desired.

    Construction & Building Disputes

    Construction can throw up any number of disputes, and Maxwell & Co can assist you whether you are a developer, a sub-contractor or a customer. We provide cost-effective solutions to building disputes, whether you are bringing or defending the claim, so that you don’t get caught throwing good money after bad.

    Estate Litigation

    Where there’s a will there’s a lawyer (or so they say). A person’s estate, and the way in which it is to be distributed, can often be the cause of a dispute. Maxwell & Co acts for beneficiaries and estate representatives (executors or administrators) with a view to resolving those disputes or to see that appropriate court orders are sought if necessary.

    Commercial Disputes

    Maxwell & Co have litigated numerous commercial contracts and have advised many small businesses, owners corporations and individuals in relation to contractual and commercial disputes, employment issues, shareholder disputes and leasing disputes. Let us get to the heart of the issue for you or your small business.

    Why Choose Us?

    With nearly 100 years of experience combined, we have consistently achieved outstanding results without losing sight of the fact that it’s the personal touch that we offer to our clients that makes us “more than just a typical law firm” in Canberra.

    Law firms are normally stuck in the past but at Maxwell & Co. Barristers and Solicitors we understand that the legal service market is changing.

    Not only can we say “we get it”, but we love the challenge of delivering traditional legal services in a progressive and innovative way.


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